Complete your project with D. Michael's passion, warmth, and authenticity

D. Michael Hope

Phone: 919-810-1957

Don't let bad VO ruin your project!

Choose a VO Artist with the RIGHT voice

I want you to have the RIGHT voice for your project!

Do you need a big brother, mentor, best friend, or father voice?

If so, I can help you:

Provide friendly advice on which car, computer, or toaster to buy

Inform your audience when they are trying to make the big decision

Tell it how it is, no holds barred when they are heading in the wrong direction

Crack a joke, tell a story, or have a laugh, sometimes that's just what the doctor ordered

If not, I have a network of VO colleagues

I can point you to the RIGHT one!


Step 1

You contact me

We discuss your needs, ideas, and timeframe

Step 2

I prepare a proposal and demo

You review

WE agree

Step 3

I create the voice over

You review

WE Celebrate

And it all starts with you contacting me at or 919-810-1957 (US)